Intro to the Gitshock Finance blockchain project

This document will provide some technical guides for network-and-products users, validators, builder and general people to learn about.

About Gitshock Finance

Gitshock Finance is a blockchain project created on Cosmos and EVM which aims to assist people in building new smart contracts, tokens and private blockchains on multiple EVM based chains easier and faster. Gitshock Finance provides a decentralized web3 environment of public blockchain network where people can build dapps, do transactions inside the chain, across the other blockchains and validate the transaction and earn from it.

Gitshock Finance Network serves for both Public Network Service and Private Network Service. The Public network of Gitshock Finance are divided into two connected different bases, Neware Chain and Gitshock Mainnet.

Gitshock Finance has two different network which implement PoS Sonsensus on both.

Some Features that Gitshock Finance Networks provides:

The followings are a glance of What Gitshock Networks offer;

  • EVM compatibility,

  • Secure and fast network,

  • Scalable network on Cosmos IBC,

  • Public and private Blockchain Service,

  • Cross EVMs transfer portal,

  • Low fees for asset transaction.


Gitshock enables these unique feature by implementing; Blockchain application module developed by Cosmos SDK, Interchain Standard for Cosmos based blockchain Cosmos IBC, Tendermint Core's Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI), PoS Consensus with Hyperledger Besu as Ethereum client, Enabling cross EVM chains using Chain Bridge Core and Smart contract design from CosmWasm platform.

Architectual Overview

The network starts with a Cosmos Network with modified CosmWasm, Distribution, Staking, Group, and Governance Cosmos modules that manage inflation and rewards system. Gitshock Finance creates a Cosmos SDK-based chain with support for WASM smart contract execution.


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