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Gitshock Finance Dual PoS offers two types block explorers: an EVM explorer and a Cosmos explorer. Each explorer queries transparent data respective to their environment with the EVM explorers querying EVM based data (blocks, transactions, accounts, smart contracts, etc) and the Cosmos explorers querying Cosmos-based data (Cosmos and IBC transactions, blocks, accounts, module data, etc).

List of GTFX Blockchain Explorer

Below is a list of public block explorers that support Gitshock Chain and Neware Chain (Mainnet and Testnet). We'll add other explorers from other 3rd party partners:

A. Gitshock Chain

Explorer NameLink

Gitshock Buitenzorg (testnet)

Gitshock Cartenz (testnet)

B. Neware Chain

Network NameLink

NewareChain (testnet)

Big Dipper

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Ping Pub

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