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Install Binaries

The latest Gitshock version is gitshockd v0.1

Clone and build gitshockd using git

git clone
cd go-client
git checkout main
go build -o gitshockd main.go
sudo mv gitshockd /usr/local/bin
After installation is done, check that the gitshockd binaries have been successfully installed:
gitshockd version
gitshockd is the all-in-one command-line interface. It supports building blockchain with costume genesis block, wallet management, queries and transaction operations

Build and Configuration

gitshockd [command]
Available Commands:
backup Create blockchain backup file by fetching blockchain data from the running node
completion Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
genesis Generates the genesis configuration file with the passed in parameters
help Help about any command
ibft Top level IBFT command for interacting with the IBFT consensus. Only accepts subcommands.
license Returns Gitshock Edgeware license and dependency attributions
loadbot Runs the loadbot to stress test the network
monitor Starts logging block add / remove events on the blockchain
peers Top level command for interacting with the network peers. Only accepts subcommands.
secrets Top level SecretsManager command for interacting with secrets functionality. Only accepts subcommands.
server The default command that starts the Gitshock Edgeware client, by bootstrapping all modules together
status Returns the status of the Gitshock Edgeware client
txpool Top level command for interacting with the transaction pool. Only accepts subcommands.
version Returns the current Gitshock Edgeware version
whitelist Top level command for modifying the Gitshock Edgeware whitelists within the config. Only accepts subcommands.

Overview Keys

By default, your config and data are stored in the folder located at the first your build directory.
The Gitshock Node has two types of private keys that it directly manages:
  • Private key used for the consensus mechanism
  • Private key used for networking by libp2p
  • (Optional) BLS Private key used for the consensus mechanism to aggregate validators' signatures
├── nodekeys #~/yourfolder
│   ├── consensus #validator folder key
│   │   ├── validator-bls.key #validator signature
│   │   └── validator.key #validator private key
│   └── libp2p #peerid folder
│   └── libp2p.key #Networking private key