DAO Model

By adopting DAO, we aim to be leaderless protocol where everyone has votes, can take part in network development, learn and grow together.


Gitshock Labs, as steward of Gitshock Finance Protocol has designed Gitshock Chain, Neware Chain, the native dapps, as well as GTFX as parts of the decentralized autonomous organization's inventory. By bringing DAO system, Gitshock Labs believe in the upcoming collaborative movements on the chains that will drive and accelerate the growth of ecosystem.

Gitshock DAO model is adopting the way Cosmos Hub manage their decentralized organisation and community. Thus, we will need some infrastructural components for supporting the DAO. They are;

  • Gitshock DAO Forum (a website that needs to be used to discuss about awesome ideas before put the idea on chain).

link: https://forum.gitshock.com

  • On-chain dashboard for Gitshock Chain (must be compatible with EVM).

link: -

  • On-chain dashboard for Neware Chain (must be compatible with Cosmos).

link: -

  • DAO Profile

link: -

How to Join Gitshock DAO

Gitshock DAO is open for everyone. You don't need to have decentralized ID for joining. If you have GTFX coin on any chains, you are already a member of the DAO. That means, you can delegate the coin for your favorite proposals on-chain that will improve the quality of Gitshock Finance protocol. Overview

To contribute or participate in the network ecosystem development, you can start by;

1. Register to the Gitshock Forum,

2. Confirm with your mail and read the guidances on welcome page,

3. Start learning the processes of how to make a proposal before entering on-chain and after entering on-chain,

4. Go to the on-chain proposals and start voting on your favorite validators by delegating GTFXs,

5. Join proposal implementors hiring to help execute the proposal ideas. The successful proposal will unlock several outputs such as the funds GTFXs for community spending and ecosystem developments, the software upgrades, chain parameter adjustments, or agreements.

Available Forum Topics

  1. Signalling Proposal: Signal an intent through text proposals. The only kind of proposal that does not directly cause any change. Topic-examples about; Gitshock Definition, terms agreement, documentations, potential development ideas etc.

  2. Community Spend Proposal: This proposal types can allow holders to help spend GTFX tokens from the Gitshock Finance Ecosystem Development, Treasury Fees Bank, DAO Reward pool and PoS Rewards. Topic-examples about; spending GTFX for ecosystem grants, schoolarships, decentralized staffs salaries, etc.

  3. Parameter Change Proposal: Change on-chain parameters. Topic-examples about; APR adjustments, block-time re-adjustment, reward reductions changes, inflation rate adjustment, etc.

  4. Software Upgrade Proposal: Propose a software upgrade at a specified halt height. Topic-examples about; upgrading Chain SDK, upgrading some tools sources, etc.

  5. Client Update Proposal: Update an expired Ethereum/Cosmos client with a substitute client. Upgrading EVM/Cosmos chain clients.


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