EVM Network Guide

This page will provide you the guidance of building dapps on our EVM based network, how to connect to our RPC and deploy your project.

Launch Your Ethereum dApp on Gitshock Chain


The purpose of this document is to help you with launching your existing dapp on Gitshock. It contains a series of resources designed to help you get the basics of Gitshock Chain and how it works, show how to connect to the network, how to use your existing tools and environments in developing and deploying on Gitshock.

Accessing Gitshock Chain

Gitshock Chain exposes the same API as go-ethereum, so you can use all the familiar APIs that are available on Ethereum for interaction with the platform.

There are multiple ways of working with the Gitshock Chain

Open Edgeware

Powered by Gitshock, Open Edgeware is a tool to generate or drag and drop style tokens without any coding skills and is also very powerful. Open Edgeware is more than a token builder. It is a curated web3 building system that incorporates several Gitshock utilities Into Open Edgeware

In your app's web interface, follow this to add Gitshock programmatically.

Through Metamask

You can access Gitshock Chain through MetaMask, by defining a custom network. Go to MetaMask, log in, click the network dropdown, and select 'Custom RPC'. Data for Gitshock is as follows.

Gitshock Buitenzorg Testnet :

Gitshock Cartenz Testnet :

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