Circle Chain [CVM]

Gitshock Circle Chain solves the virtual machine security problem by fully trusting the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) from the official Go-Ethereum codebase.


Serving web2 or web3 developers and consumers, Circle Chain is a specialized blockchain that serves only one Chain/DAPP owned by you. Gitshock Labs helps develop, launch, and operate the chain and provides an enhanced experience for your users.

How to build a Blockchain on Gitshock Chain?

Despite all the benefits of CircleChain, it can be challenging to create and launch, which is why the expertise and setup services of Gitshock Labs are essential to help users launch CircleChain and connect to the Gitshock Chain main network [EVM].
There are several key technical features that you can understand and start building your blockchain network:
  • RPC Endpoint
  • Node Validator
  • Testnet Token Faucet
  • Block Explorer [BlockScout]
  • Block Explorer [Costumized]
  • Multichain Bridge
  • Staking UI / Delegate Proposer
There are several additional paid packages if you may be interested in implementing them into your custom blockchain:
  • Advanced API Gateway
  • Adding a New Validator
  • Internal Metrics

Is Gitshock Blockchain Suitable for My Project?

Circle Chain may be a great development solution for you if:
  • You need help transitioning from Web2 to Web3 and want to have your infrastructure.
  • You want to have your own ecosystem without building it from scratch.
  • You have an existing Web3 project that wants to increase your next billions of users.
  • Limited by L1/Network Strengthened by L1 Gitshock Chain.
  • You have a high throughput use case that needs to process a lot of transactions.
  • Through the CircleChain Gitshock Labs program, you have several options for each of these components — you can choose to build specific parts yourself with the instructions and support we provide, or you can hand it over and let us handle all the technical hard work for you.
You will also have access to the Gitshock Labs Grants program, where we use our exceptional industry experience to help you prepare to apply and develop your own ecosystem.
[-] Submit Your Ecosystem Grants Proposal Request to Gitshock Labs: