This use case has been specifically developed for financial projects that want to launch web3 services using CircleChain Gitshock Labs. The information contained here is not intended to provide strict rules, but rather loose guidelines to help developers think about where to start building their ideal blockchain.


Finance has long been limited by the constraints of web2. Banking and other classic financial services often cannot reach parts of the world that are still developing. Extreme cases can occur with people running a local banking system among themselves where each unit or member of their community contributes to a "bank" - someone who is responsible for the collective funds. All of these cases have different patterns - people save their savings, in cash form, because they do not trust classic financial institutions. Blockchain, especially DeFi, which has grown rapidly in popularity in the last 2 years, presents perfect opportunities. It is much easier, legally, time-wise, and marketing-wise, to create an online service on technology that is considered liberating and therefore desirable, than to set up a bank and persuade people to come there.


Blockchain, especially a modular set, offers greater customization. Circle Chain is a perfect case for this. It is a modular ecosystem specifically tailored to your needs into your own instant Circle Chain.

  • Node Validator

  • The core of any Proof Of Stake (PoS) blockchain, they process transactions and add new blocks to the chain.

  • Full Node Allows developers to communicate with (and build) your own Circle Chain using RPC.

  • RPC Endpoint Track and analyze transactions, addresses, and blocks on your own Circle Chain.

  • Block Explorer A comprehensive visual account and history collection.

  • Testnet Faucet Free testnet tokens for developers to test what they build on your own Circle Chain.

  • Staking Mechanism Staking functionality and GUI interface to allow users to stake native tokens to your Circle Chain through a simple and elegant interface.

  • Wallet Integration Wider adoption among different crypto wallet users where they store their funds.

  • Bridging Solution Bring tokens from other networks to your Circle Chain or bring your own native tokens to other platforms (e.g: Gitshock Chain) or could be connected to IBC Neware Chain Cosmos in the future.

New Benefits

Circle Chain blockchain brings several new benefits to finance:

  • A new way to generate yield

  • New financial products

  • Fast & efficient global transactions

  • Access to new digital economies

Security & Compliance

Gitshock Labs Circle Chain bridges the gap for banks to join Web3, helping them participate in the DeFi sector in a compliant way. This allows you to deliver the benefits of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world without the risks feared by regulators.

Who is this for?

Suitable for Circle Chain:

  • Local banks & corporations

  • Traditional finance

  • Investment funds

  • 401 (k) - Retirement

  • CBDC

  • Local government A little more about the options.

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