Xarchon / Xarchitecture Curious [ Still Building ]


Xarchon Lang is a new programming language based go-programming that has been designed for building Blockchain & applications on Circle Chain. This language is designed to simplify the process of building decentralized Blockchain. In this documentation update, we will provide a brief overview of Xarchon Lang, and how it can be used to build Blockchain on Gitshock Finance from scratch.

Here are some key features of Xarchon Lang:

  • Efficient and scalable: Xarchon Lang is built on Golang, which is known for its efficiency and scalability. This makes it a great choice for building blockchain that can handle large volumes of transactions.

  • Easy to learn: Xarchon Lang is designed to be easy to learn, even for developers who are new to blockchain programming. It has a simple syntax and a set of built-in functions that make it easy to write blocksys and interact with the Gitshock Circle Chain ecosystem.

  • Secure and reliable: Xarchon Lang is built with security and reliability in mind. It includes a number of features that help prevent common vulnerabilities, such as buffer overflow and integer overflow.

  • Interoperable: Xarchon Lang is designed to be interoperable with other programming languages and blockchain platforms. This makes it easy to integrate with existing systems and build complex applications that span multiple blockchains.


To get started with Xarchon Lang, you will need to install the Gitshock Finance development environment, which includes the Xarchon compiler and other tools for building blockchain. Once you have the development environment set up, you can start build blockchain in Xarchon Lang and deploying them to the Gitshock Circle Chain ecosystem.

  • Gitshock Finance developer documentation: This is the official documentation for the Gitshock Finance development environment, which includes information on how to install and use the Xarchon compiler.

  • Xarchon Lang tutorial: This is a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the process of writing and deploying your first blockchain in Xarchon Lang.

  • Gitshock Circle Chain developer community: This is a community of developers who are building applications on the Gitshock Circle Chain ecosystem. You can join the community to ask questions, share ideas, and get help with your projects.

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