Gitshock Swap

Gitshock Swap is multichain decentralized exchange with aggregation feature.

Introduction to Gitshock Swap

Gitshock Swap is building a world to make DeFi accessible, safe and rewarding for users. Gitshock Swap, is a next-gen DEX aggregator providing the best rates for traders and maximizing returns for liquidity providers in DeFi. GitshockSwap has a suite of capital efficient protocols designed to optimize rewards. GitshockSwap is DeFi’s first market maker protocol that dynamically adjusts liquidity provider (LP) fees based on market conditions. GitshockSwap powers 100+ integrated projects

Currently deployed on 13 chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Aurora, and Gitshock Chain. GitshockSwap aggregates liquidity from over 80 DEXs to give users the best rates possible for their swaps. 1. Gitshock Swap Solutions Gitshock Swap Interface is a one stop web interface providing convenient and open access to some of the best liquidity solutions and experiences in DeFi. This includes taking advantage of Gitshock Swap Aggregator to swap at the best rates, earning boosted yields through providing liquidity. 2. Gitshock Swap Widget enables developer teams to easily integrate swap functionality into their application with just a few lines of code. Seamlessly blend the best swap rates into your app with practically unlimited widget customization options.

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