Run Validator EVM


Start the validator

To run a validator, connect to a running Gitshock Node
Use the validator-client subcommand to run a Teku as a validator.

Generate the shared secret

Run the following command:
openssl rand -hex 32 | tr -d "\n" > jwtsecret.hex
You will specify jwtsecret.hex when starting Teku and the execution client. This is a shared JWT secret the clients use to authenticate each other when using the Engine API.

Generate Validator Keys & Stake GTFX

Generate validator keys and stake your GTFX for one or more validators. Remember the passwords that you use to create the validator keys, because you need them to create the validator password files.

Create Password Validator Key

For each validator key, create a text file containing the password to decrypt the key.
Teku allows you to specify individual keys and passwords in the command line, or you can specify directories from which to load keys and passwords. If specifying directories, password files must have the same name as the keys, but use the .txt extension.
# Example
If the Launchpad creates a key named keystore-m_12381_3600_0_0_0-1596485378.json, then the password file must be named keystore-m_12381_3600_0_0_0-1596485378.txt.
# Info
The password file format follows EIP-2335 requirements (UTF-8 encoded file, unicode normalization, and control code removal).
teku \
--ee-endpoint \
--ee-jwt-secret-file <path to jwtsecret.hex> \
--metrics-enabled=true \
--rest-api-enabled=true \
--validators-proposer-default-fee-recipient=<ETH address> \
--validator-keys=<path to key file>:<path to password file>[,<path to key file>:<path to password file>,...]
teku \
--ee-endpoint \
--ee-jwt-secret-file /home/teku/jwtsecret.hex \
--metrics-enabled=true \
--rest-api-enabled=true \
--validators-proposer-default-fee-recipient=0x3142b9662a138fFA6163CA2de45bb6E626Cf5850 \
Ensure your execution client is fully synced before submitting your staking deposit in the next step. This can take several days.

After starting Gitshock & Teku

2022-10-21 20:43:24.355 INFO - Syncing *** Target slot: 76092, Head slot: 2680, Remaining slots: 73412, Connected peers: 8
2022-10-21 20:43:36.363 INFO - Syncing *** Target slot: 76093, Head slot: 2879, Remaining slots: 73214, Connected peers: 10
2022-10-21 20:43:48.327 INFO - Syncing *** Target slot: 76094, Head slot: 3080, Remaining slots: 73014, Connected peers: 8
2022-10-21 20:44:00.339 INFO - Syncing *** Target slot: 76095, Head slot: 3317, Remaining slots: 72778, Connected peers: 6
2022-10-21 20:44:12.353 INFO - Syncing *** Target slot: 76096, Head slot: 3519, Remaining slots: 72577, Connected peers: 9
If you restart your node before snap or checkpoint sync completes, syncing restarts from scratch.